This August in my Database project written in Rust

This month besides adventures like moving into another apartment and having a release on my daily job, I have got time to work on the project, listen to Andy Pavlo’s intro to Database System course, and think through ideas that floated in my mind. I will start with what happened... [Read More]
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This July in my Database project written in Rust

This month went by with a lot of changes, ideas, and questions from contributors that hugely influencing overall database design. The most significant ones are: we start working on QueryProcessor, PostgreSQL wire protocol module has got TLS support, and gone through refactorings and API changes. Let’s get started :smile: [Read More]
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This June in my Database project written in Rust

It has been a month since I open my database project up. A couple of people wrote to me that it would be interesting to read about the project’s progress, so I decided to write once a month an article that describes what was done, what is in progress and... [Read More]
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Methods invocation inside of a Java Virtual Machine

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an abstract virtual machine that executes Java bytecode. JVM has a number of implementations, the most popular being HotSpot JVM, which will be used as an example of the implementation throughout the article. Initially, JVM was designed at Sun Microsystems to execute Java programs. Despite... [Read More]
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